Business Services

AEGIS Skills provide training for organisations wishing to up-skill and professionalise their workforce. Training from AEGIS Skills results in better customer service and solid protection against injuries, complaints, litigation and prosecution while enabling tighter control over staff conduct.

AEGIS Skills trainers are able to train employees to perform role responsibilities within the most stringent ethical and legal protocols, i.e:

  • The Code of Conduct set for teachers on the 'Use of Force to control Pupils' (DfEE Circular 10/98)
  • The 'Proportionate Force' requirements of the Human Rights legislation.

This allows employers to set very clear expectations of their staff and legitimately expect the very highest standards of behaviour. Further details of our business services are shown below.

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Business Warning! An SIA Licence does not mean ‘fully trained’ for the role...

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Door Supervisor Training

  • SIA Door Supervisor Licence-linked training
  • Accredited Foundation Door Supervisor Physical Intervention Training
  • Accredited Advanced Door Supervisor Physical Intervention Training
  • Drugs Awareness Training for Licensed Premises
  • The Door Supervisor 'UpSkill' qualification
  • First Aid for Door Supervisors
  • Personal & Venue Search Training
  • Report Writing & Making Statements
  • Head Door Supervisor Training
  • Alcohol Licencing Training
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Retail Security Guard Training

  • SIA Security Guarding Licence-linked training
  • Accredited Foundation Retail Security Guard Physical Intervention Training
  • Accredited Advanced Retail Security Guard Physical Intervention Training
  • Drugs Awareness Training
  • First Aid for Retail Security Guards
  • Personal and Vehicle Search Training
  • Report Writing & Making Statements
  • Security Management Training
  • Loss Prevention Training
  • Specialist Store Detective Training
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Recruitment Services

Working in conjunction with Job Centre Plus and nationwide security companies, Aegis Skills provides fully trained specialist security staff to nationwide companies through consultation and development of unique sector based work academies.


Aegis-Skills Apprenticeships offer employers a free CPD program for 18-24 year old's. We also offer a free recruitment service based on employees enrolling on our unique 1 year CPD Apprenticeship program.

Quality Assurance & Consultancy Services

Utilizing the wealth of knowledge and expertise held collectivly by the AEGIS Skills team, we are delighted to offer business support and consultancy services in Quality Assurance (QA). Join the growing number of businesses using AEGIS Skills to maximize the potential of success in their service delivery.

In order to meet and exceed both internal and external requirements and to reinforce high quality delivery, Quality Assurance (QA) is a key component of success in academic, vocational and business standards. Achieving excellence in QA substantially augments both learner and customer experience.

Aegis Quality Assurance offers consultancy support, advice and guidance in actively and systematically assuring the academic, vocational and business standards. This is achieved through the review of systems, policies and procedures. Furthermore, Aegis Quality Assurance can provide Internal Verification (IV) services across a variety of sectors and programmes and support with gaining Nationally and Internationally recognized standards frameworks that provide a benchmark for organisations (e.g. Matrix ISO 9001).


Past and present clients that have benefitted from our services include private Higher Education Colleges, Further Education Colleges in London, Premiership and Championship Football Clubs, Stewarding and Security Companies.

Bespoke Training

We recognise 'off-the-shelf' training packages are not always ideal for every organisation.

The best kind of training takes into account the unique circumstances of a workplace.

AEGIS Skills can tailor and organise bespoke training courses that cater specifically to the needs of your company and staff. We Can...

  • Advise on legal and policy issues and provide support with strategy implementation
  • Conduct a Health & Safety Risk Assessment and a Training Needs Analysis for you
  • Tailor training to suit your individual requirements and the circumstances at the workplace
  • Provide delegates with comprehensive materials to use to refresh their memory of the skills learned
  • Supply a personalised Certificate of Attendance
  • Schedule delivery and timings of the training to suit you
  • Report back to you once the training has been delivered and act as a conduit for feedback from staff