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A need for Physical Intervention can arise at any time... and anywhere!

Being unprepared when that need arises can create mayhem, making the quality of training and skills provided to staff more important than ever. PREPARE WITH TRAINING FROM AEGIS SKILLS

Physical Intervention is an umbrella term covering all the different ways in which staff can directly or indirectly restrict a person’s freedom of movement. I.e

  • By blocking their way.
  • By pushing, pulling, re-directing or 'steering' them.
  • By carrying them in a direction or to a location that they do not wish to go.
  • By holding and physically restraining them.

Why choose AEGIS Skills?

AEGIS Skills Courses - Best ChoiceAEGIS Skills training programmes are the preferred choice for

Door Supervisors
Security Guards
Healthcare and Education

  • AEGIS skills: Are Easier to learn and easier to remember in a crisis!
    Principle driven rather than lots of complex techniques
  • AEGIS Skills: Are Robust and pressure tested
    Your staff can be confident in the skills when the need arises
  • AEGIS Skills: Are NOT subject to the inherent problems with Home Office approved restraint techniques
  • AEGIS Skills: Are NOT reliant on causing or threatening to cause pain or injury to gain/regain control
  • AEGIS Skills: Protect people applying the methods against allegations of excessive force
  • AEGIS Skills: Safeguard your corporate reputation and public image
  • AEGIS Skills: Exceed SIA Licence requirements and meet HSE due diligence expectations
  • AEGIS Skills: Are designed 'by professionals for professionals'
  • AEGIS Skills: Are delivered by experienced and fully qualified tutors
  • AEGIS Skills: Are supported with high quality training materials

These reasons along with industry leading training that's 'fit for purpose' combined with our own vast experience and expertise give AEGIS Skills a clear competitive advantage. In turn, training from AEGIS Skills makes a significant difference to your staff competence, capabilities and motivation, itself resulting in a higher quality, customer focussed service that puts our clients ahead of their competitors. Contact Us Now!

The purpose of Physical Intervention

The purpose of Physical Intervention is usually to protect against harm happening. However...


Physical Intervention 'can' infringe a person’s rights, lead to injuries and even death!

Complaints, civil claims for compensation and criminal prosecution can quickly follow.


A 'failure' to physically intervene 'can also' infringe peoples’ rights, lead to injury and even death!

Complaints, civil claims for compensation and criminal prosecution can quickly follow.

AEGIS Skills Courses - Best Choice*The Bottom Line:

No training, inadequate or unsuitable training can mean that liability is established instantly* on the basis of "Res Ipsa Loquitor" - the facts speak for themselves! Don't get caught out, ensure the training you recieve is fit for purpose.

Take a look at Our Training Courses now!

*The risk of complaints and civil claims for damages from injured parties is higher if staff action (including inaction) was unjustified, excessive or negligent. Likewise, the risk of criminal prosecution of staff involved is higher if use of force was unnecessary, excessive, or in any other way unlawful. Liability for adverse outcomes rests not only with the staff that actually perform the Physical Intervention, but also with employers (who are vicariously liable for the actions of their staff - including staff hired/contracted in).

Risk Reduction & 'Necessary' Training with AEGIS Skills

Risk ReductionPhysically intervening in a situation is a recognised 'flashpoint' for violence and experience shows that intervening in an untrained way is more likely to result in an adverse outcome.

If a need for staff to physically intervene in situations is predictable and forseeable in a workplace, Health & Safety legislation requires provision of suitable training. For certain security roles, the need for suitable Physical Intervention training is instantly and unmistakably recognisable and therefore becomes 'legally necessary'.

Door Supervisors

Physical Intervention Training IS NECESSARY for Door Supervisors!

Retail Security Officer

Physical Intervention Training IS NECESSARY for Retail Security Guards!